Hejira - RIBS

Premiered on Boiler Room 4:3

Director Emile Ebrahim Kelly offers up a powerful visual message in his music video for Hejira's 'Ribs,' filmed in various Calais locations including the former "Jungle" refugee camp. Emile's own words say it best:

"As the refugee crisis rumbles on and compassion appears to wilt against the fiery politics of hate, RIBS is a meditation on our collective failure to uphold the supposedly fundamental European values of respect for human dignity and human rights.

RIBS was conceived in response to the track which scores it, Hejira’s Ribs, and will live as a music video with the objective of drawing some focus back to the situation in Calais and the plight of refugees in Europe generally speaking."

RIBS was created with a cast made up of refugees, dancers and activists.

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