Knucks - Alpha House / Hide & Seek

Premiered on The Fader

"'Hide and Seek' is a song based around the complex relationship of the police and young Black men today," Knucks told The FADER. "I wanted it to highlight the perpetual cat and mouse chase on the street and how both parties give each other purpose."

For the film, I wanted to do justice to Knucks's incredible lyrical narrative with cinematic visual storytelling and strong casting and performance. From there I wanted to draw out some of the subtext and background depth in the story through "portrait" images built on the time-worn tensions in the way young Black man are seen by the police and vice versa, before exploring portrait images more free from the frame of that relationship.


The film was nominated for best video at both the 2022 GRM DAILY Rated Awards and the MOBOs, the two most important platforms for black music in the UK, and was also short listed for a Shiny Award.

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